Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Dramatical Murder Aoba Seragaki/Sly Blue Cosplay Wig

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my review today!~
Today I will be reviewing a wig from the Ebay seller 
This wig is a cosplay wig from a Nitro+Chiral game called Dramatical Murder.
I really love this wig and I'm excited to review it today!
I hope you enjoy!~
This is how the wig was advertised!
Very thick and lots of volume, which is true to the actual wig.
This was the packaging!

As you can see, it has the blue tag that has in red: DIY. This is the same with all my other wigs!
If you know the brand, that is my favorite place to get wigs! :)
 Here is the wig right out of the package and without styling!

Even though long wigs are known for tangling up easily, this wig doesn't tangle as much as others!
This wig is extremely thick and even when you part the hair in the back to go over your shoulders,
you still can't see your wig cap through the wig. Nice!
The length is very accurate and I love how it isn't completely straight at the ends. Very accurate!
The fibers are very nice and when ever I went out side where it was windy, the wig would get lots of volume
and kinda style itself to look exactly like Aoba!
Now, it looks like the color isn't right, but that is just my camera. This wig is very bright and extremely accurate. 
Also! I'd like to mention that the fibers don't fall out as much as other wigs do!
Be sure to go check out their other wigs and items as well at
on Ebay!
Since it was Halloween, I used this wig for a Halloween
themed Sly Blue. Therefore, I did not style it like 
Aoba's hair is in the game, but I'm excited to cut and style
this wig for my Aoba Seragaki cosplay! 
Thank you for reading my
review today! <3