Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Arda Wig Jareth Long in Apple Red (AR012)

Hi! Today I'll be reviewing a wig from my favorite wig 
company; Arda Wigs. 
I'll be reviewing the Jareth Long in Apple Red for my 
Kitty Cat Katarina cosplay from League of Legends. 
Okay! So here is what the wig looks like in the store:
I know it's not red! This is just how the store looks C: 
The reason why I chose this wig for Katarina is for it's 
layered length and bangs. 
Here's what it looked like when I received it in the mail:
The shipping is, as always, faster than any other wig company 
I've ordered from. C: 
Out of the box: 
Without styling, only smoothed out:

This color is absolutely beautiful. It's so perfect for Katarina! 
You can also see the layering so well. 
The bangs are also supppper layered and are so easy to style 
and work with because of this. 
Here is it styled for Katarina :D

I'm so sorry that you can't see it on me! 
I don't have the whole costume finished, but I wanted to 
post progress along with the wig. 

This wig is so beautiful and pretty! It's the 
perfect color for Katarina and the layering shows really well. 
The fibers are smooth and, because of the large amount
of layering, it never really gets tangled! It's very easy for me to 
style because of all the layering. 
This wig is my new favorite and will be hard to beat! 

Thank you so much Arda! This wig is so perfect.
I'm even going to wear it out casually! 
As always; amazing quality and service. 
I look forward to ordering from you again. 

Here's some Katarina progress :D 
Thank you for reading my review and please
go check out Arda Wigs

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