Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Ardell Black Tie Captivating Lashes

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my review for today! Today I'll be review a pair of lashes that I got from Ardell. Right now I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with these lashes!
So this is what they look like advertised:

And this is what they looked like when I got them, sorry for the bad quality!:
These lashes are exactly how they are advertised. They are beautiful and elegant!
Here's an up-close picture of them on. *crosses eyes*:

I thought these would make a great look for my Ryuko cosplay from Kill la Kill. I  prefer these lashes a lot more than the demi wispies that I was using in my wig review.

I really love how these lashes look. I was a little worried about the little gem stones on them, but you can't even see them! Yay! These are so pretty and I prefer them a lot more than my others. 
Comfort: ☆☆☆☆
These are a little more heavier and uncomfortable than others. I think it is because they are so dense and stiff. It really isn't too much of a problem, though. They feel like regular lashes. They do limit your eyesight a bit more than normal though. Nothing's a problem though!
Application: ☆☆☆
So, as anyone knows, lashes are a bit tricky and sometimes frustrating to get on. Because of how stiff these lashes are, they were really messing and frustrating to get on. It took a little time and worrying that I would have to redo them. But it's totally worth it!
Overall:  ☆☆☆☆
Overall these are really great lashes! I absolutely love them! I think these will be perfect to complete my Ryuko cosplay. I would definitely buy these lashes and from Ardell again. I'm excited to see what other lashes Ardell has!
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: Kill la Kill Matoi Ryuko Cosplay Wig

Hello! Today's review is for a cosplay wig that I got from rain2013happyshop on Ebay. I've been working on my Ryuko costume for a while now so I decided it was time to get my wig!

This is how it is advertised:
 And here's what it looked like when I got it:

Unstyled on a wig head:

I'm very pleased with this wig! I've bought from this store before and I love their wigs. This wig is very thick and heavy, in a good way. The wefting for the red fibers is amazing as well. The fibers are very nice and heat resistant. Also it's really soft! This wig doesn't tangle up like most longer wigs. I usually buy from Arda wigs, but I decided to try ordering an already cut and wefted wig.
One thing I really like about this wig is the accurate color. This wig is a mixture of navy blue/dark blue and black fibers. I love how the mixture with black gives the wig more dimension. Many of the other wigs I found were unfortunately just black and red.... 
The shipping was actually amazing! It came only two days later then the estimated time! The only reason why I'm not giving it five stars is because I'm impatient so I always want my wigs as soon as I can. The shipping is great!
Color: ☆☆☆☆
I really love the color of this wig. With the mixture of blue and black it gives really great dimension of low and high lights. The red is actually really accurate! It doesn't look like it in the pictures but it is! 
Quality:  ☆☆☆☆
The quality of this wig is outstanding! The fibers are heat resistant and the wig is heavy and thick! With a little styling, this wig is great!
Overall: ☆☆☆☆
This wig is now one of my favorites in my collection. I will definitely buy from this store again!
Please go check out this store on Ebay! They don't sell just wigs!







Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: Rubies Cream Makeup in White and Black

Hello! Thank you for reading my review for today! Today I have makeup review from Rubies. I will be reviewing Rubies Cream Makeup in White and Black.
This is what it looked like when I first got it. Big expectations right?

I have a lot to say about this product and I'm very upset.
I absolutely hate this product!
The coverage is awful and it didn't work well with brushes at all! The only way I was able to get decent coverage on my face was to smear a big glob of it with a sponge!!!!!! So streaky!
*sighs* I don't know maybe I was using it wrong?
Container: ✰✰✰✰✰
I feel like I need to say at least one good thing about this product. I would say that I really like the tube container, always easy and clean.
Application: ✰✰
I could only apply it with a makeup packed sponge! Even if I did multiple layers the makeup never 'dries' so it would just streak everywhere. Wow I even think two stars is generous....
Look: ✰✰
Very streaky but decent color. It's a very thin product.
Removal:  ✰✰✰✰✰
You can remove it very easily by taking a wet towel and wiping down your face. Smudges everywhere. Oh yes. *sighs*
Overall: ✰✰
I am never buying this product again. I absolutely hate it. The only way I could save the new Halloween looks was to give it cool lighting. I'm very disappointed.  The only reason why I'm giving it two stars is because I guess this product would be okay for small details???

With some help of a Tesla Coil, I was able to maybe save these looks...

World Cosplay