Friday, December 12, 2014

Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi Cosplay Wig

Hello! Thank you for reading my reviews!
Today I will be reviewing a wig from the Ebay seller
I was going to wear Override Ryuko for Anime Kaiju in January, but I, unfortunately, 
couldn't make my costume EXACTLY how I wanted it in time... But I will
definitely wear it sometime in the future!
So this is how it was advertised. 
This is how it was packaged when I received it.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of the
wig without my own styling and cutting!Sorry! 
The wig wasn't exactly how it is advertised, for example, 
the bangs don't have that fade-into-red thing going on. 
I still really love this wig though!
This is the wig after my own styling and wefting.

Really nice! Not accurate to the actual anime reference, but 
I really like this wig!

This wig is very soft and thick. It also takes styling really well.
I really like how well it blends with any new wefts added. 
The red fades with the blue perfectly!
This wig is really amazing! I think it's one of my favorites
in my collection! It's comfortable, thick, colors are accurate,
and takes styling very well. I've even considered
wearing this wig with my regular Ryuko costume
that I made! 
It isn't exactly how her hair is in the anime, but I think that
is because her hair is so unique that it's up to the cosplayer 
to style it! The colors are super accurate because her
hair isn't just black and red. It's blue and red!!!
I think this wig is heat resistant, but I haven't put too much heat on it before. 
The fibers are really soft and thick. The colors
blend well with eachother and it takes new wefts and styling very well!
Shipping: ☆☆☆
This wig came from China, but it got here actually pretty quickly!
The only reason why I give it this rating is because I don't like waiting, lol!
I love this wig! Easily one of my favorite wigs in my collection!

Be sure to check out friend9998 on Ebay! 
Thank you! 

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